We’re back from vacation

Holiday season is over! This year Ohel Sarah’s residents enjoyed summer retreats in various venues and have now returned rejuvenated and ready to get back into routine.


 The women’s department of the housing section went southward and enjoyed 4 action packed days filled with exciting and riveting programs. They prayed at Kever Rachel, bathed in the Dead Sea, rode on camels, stroked snakes and other animals, hand painted tee shirts and lots more! The women were also very excited to receive a gift package – from L’Oreal Israel.

The men’s department went north and spent their retreat near the kinneret lake where they too enjoyed lots of fun activities. Carting, paddle boats, a jeep outing, prayers at Rabbi Meir Ba’al Haness’s tomb and lots more.

The couples of the “One Heart Marriage Program” enjoyed their retreat at a Zimmer in a small northern village and they too enjoyed Kayaking in the Kinneret, a jeep outing, horseback riding, a tour of the ancient quarter of Tzfat and more…