Ohel Sarah’s residents – Volunteers in the Community

In a new and wonderful initiative the women  residents of Ohel Sarah’s apartments have landed a voluntary “job” sorting out clothes in a local charity shop belonging to the vitzo organization. The women sort the clothes that people donate and place near the shop, setting aside those in bad condition for recycling and taking in the ones in good condition. They then sort them by garment, size and color, folding them neatly and placing on their designated shelves.in the shop. They also help the salesladies during opening hours locating clothes per the order they themselves organized. All this is on a voluntary basis.

It all started from an ad in a local circular seeking volunteers to sort piles of clothes and prepare them for sale. The volunteers co-ordinator of Ohel Sarah replied to the ad offering the residents’ services. The girls love their work and are not prepared to miss even one session!

So we have here a win-win situation where the community enjoys a neat and organized low cost clothes store, and the residents enjoy positive integration in the community and deep satisfaction which is worth millions!