Ma’as Lev Rivka Take a ‘Walkabout’ Tour in the Heart of Yerushalayim

Ma’as Lev Rivka Take a ‘Walkabout’ Tour in the Heart of Yerushalayim.
The women of the ‘Lev Rivka’ Employment Center enjoyed an exciting outing to the heart of Jerusalem. Accompanied by volunteers from the Lotem organization the group started out in the picturesque neighborhood of “Nachlaot”. They heard about the famous Rabbinic figures who lived there in the past and then set out to explore the pretty streets and alleyways. 
The next stop was a lunch break in the “Strawberry garden” where they enjoyed a Pita falafel sandwich . After this each women received a modest allowance to spend in the Machane Yehuda market where they were about to visit.
The women who were assaulted with multitudes of sounds, smells and temptations in the form of sweets, Halvas of all shapes and sizes and other sweet delicacies, nevertheless continued on to the fresh produce stores where they stopped and made their purchases; Watermelon, bananas and apricots were the healthy choices that they made, a result of constant health awareness and healthy nutrition coaching that they receive in the group homes. This was a true source of Nachas! 
The group then met a street musician who was gracious enough to play the songs that the women asked for and everyone enjoyed the impromptu concert.
With high spirits and deep levels of satisfaction the women boarded the buses back home after enjoying this day out where they discovered a new aspect of their beloved City Jerusalem.