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Providing support services in the fields of education, employment and housing to hundreds of individuals with special needs for over forty years


Ohel Sarah operates four schools ages 6-21 with various levels of disabilities, and provides them with a wide range of extensive therapies and suitable educational programs


Three employment and day care centers enable adults with disabilities to acquire employment skills and work in various programs within the centers and in the mainstream work force


For proteges aged 21+, Ohel Sarah operates a housing division featuring several group homes in the community where the students live independently, aided by a caring and professional staff.

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L’Oreal Israel papmered the students of our employment center for women with an hour-long beauty session!
A beautiful “Avot U’Vanim” event was held for Ohel Sarah’s male students and their fathers in honor of Shavu’ot
Ohel Sarah’s three-day summer retreat for its residents was a smashing success!
The Housing Division held a clothes and accessories fair for its residents
Ohel Sarah’s Beit Shai students held an exciting, educational tour of the Knesset in Jerusalem
Hurry and get your Mishlo’ach Manot for Purim, lovingly prepared by the women at our Employment Center! To order, please call: 03-578-3015
The boys at our Beit Chanoch School had a beautiful Bar Mitzvah event, live on Kol Chai Radio
Ohel Sarah warmly welcomes the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, to its schools!
Elections were held for the Student Council at Ohel Sarah’s employment center. Good luck to the new members!
Ohel Sarah’s “Green and Special” greenhouse now receives orders for spices and flowers! To order call Ezra: 050-8764001
We warmly congratulate Ohel Sarah’s new couple who got engaged this week! We wish you much happiness
Ohel Sarah is gearing up for grand Chanukah parties in all the centers – stay tuned!
Ohel Sarah’s new Employment Center for Women was opened in a beautiful event
Get ready for Ohel Sarah’s grand Sukkot event!
The students who reside in Ohel Sarah’s group homes enjoyed their Annual Summer Retreat at the Chafetz Chaim Kibbutz
Ohel Sarah held an impressive Open Day for government and municipal officials, parents and ministry representatives
In an exciting event, the Be’er Batsheva Employment Center for Women was opened
Ohel Sarah’s students received Honorary Diplomas from the municipality for volunteering with disabled children
The students at Ohel Sarah’s employment center completed an Academic Preparatory Program and received diplomas
Ohel Sarah wishes its first married couple a heartfelt Mazel Tov!
An exciting event was held for Ohel Sarah in Buenos Aires


With the encouragements of the Matanel Foundation.
Ohel Sarah wishes to pay tribute to the Matanel foundation for their generous aid towards the project "Employment training for disabled adults".

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