Dignitaries’ Impressions

"Seeing young men working in nature is beautiful and inspiring! In this day and age, where technology suppresses man's ability to really connect to his surroundings, I am impressed by Ohel Sarah's encouragement of its students to appreciate and live nature." – Mr. Chaim Messing, Chairman of the Jewish National Fund, Central Israel, during his visit to Ohel Sarah's Therapy Greenhouse.

"I was fascinated by the way the young students responded to their teacher's innovative ways of conveying health-related topics; it seems as though the girls have really internalized the important information they have been taught"Dr. Dr. Orli Greenfield, Directorial Doctor, Maccabi Health Fund, on her visit to Ohel Sarah's Girls' School, observing their Health Awareness activities.

"It is wonderful to see these women working and being involved in meaningful employment. I am a staunch believer that people with special needs deserve to feel like contributing individuals in the community. Ohel Sarah serves as an advocate for adults with disabilities and advances their right to take an active part in society, and the Israel National Lottery supports this fully" – Mr. Eli Dadon, Chairman of the Israel National Lottery, during his tour of Ohel Sarah's Employment Center for Women.

"This visit has been an extraordinary experience for me. I am awed by the determination and effort of Ohel Sarah's staff to help their students reach a higher quality of life and be integrated into society. To me, this visit has shed new light on Special Education and has given me a new understanding of people with special needs. I will try my best to serve this vulnerable but wonderful sector in my position as Chairman of the Welfare Committee, and do my utmost to help Ohel Sarah in its amazing work" MK Chaim Katz, Chairman of the Knesset Welfare Committee during his tour of Ohel Sarah's Boys' School.

"Hearing the parents here talk about how they can sleep well at night knowing their adult children are taken care of really says it all. The peace and serenity these parents feel while their children live independently under Ohel Sarah's nurturing is a priceless gift"Mr. Avner Zaken, Executive Director of the Department for the Person with Cognitive Developmental Disabilities at the Welfare Ministry during a meeting with parents of Ohel Sarah group-home residents.

"This has been a very emotional visit. I was moved and excited to see how Ohel Sarah gives each and every student what he needs to fulfill his potential. I will continue to support Ohel Sarah from within the government in order to ensure its students welfare and success." – MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher, previously Bnei Brak Mayor, during his visit to Ohel Sarah.

"Having Ohel Sarah here in our city is a real privilege. Hundreds of children and adults with special needs receive everything they need in all areas of life by Ohel Sarah's professional and devoted staff. We give our unequivocal support to this very important organization"Rabbi Yaakov Zeivart, Mayor of Bnei Brak, during a visit at Ohel Sarah's centers.

"Thank you so much to everyone at Ohel Sarah for the amazing work that you do. It was an honor to see firsthand the projects and to meet your wonderful clients, children, adults and parents, and the very many people who give their time to make Ohel Sarah the wonderful place that it is. Kol Hakavod!"  - Mrs. Celia Gould, spouse of British Ambassador to Israel, wrote in the center's guestbook after visiting the Wohl Center and the Employment Center.

"Ohel Sarah's high standards are on par with the American ones. It was wonderful to have the chance to tour Ohel Sarah and to meet those who live and work there." - American Vice Consul, Ms. Shana Kieran, upon her visit to Ohel Sarah's group homes. 

"I am excited to be here and observe this wonderful place, where women with special needs can be independent, work and spend time with friends. This amazing place gives me, as a father of a special-needs girl, much hope" – Oren Helman, Director of Regulation at Israel's Electricity Company.