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 Ohel Sarah is a non-profit organization established by an extraordinary couple, the Ginsburgs, 40 years ago. Their firm belief in equal opportunities for all and deep and profound love for individuals with disabilities led them to start a revolutionary endeavor; although they lacked nothing in their private lives, they went from door to door, gathering children and adults with special needs who had been concealed far from the eyes of society, and brought them to their home. There, they nourished them, showered them with love and taught them the life skills essential to a life of integrity and independence. This brave and ground-breaking innovation quickly spread by word of mouth, and dozens of families began thronging to the Ginsburg's home, where they saw a sliver of hope for a better and brighter future for their disabled children. The small enterprise that began in the Ginsburg's living room soon mushroomed into the large organization Ohel Sarah is today. With over 400 students, four schools for children, three employment and day care centers for adults, two old age programs and sixteen group homes in the community, Ohel Sarah is the only organization in central Israel that provides continuous support services to the special needs population from age six to end of life!

With love and devotion, Ohel Sarah's professional staff is dedicated to help each student reach his/her full potential, and supports them throughout their lives. Aside from fully meeting our students' physical, emotional and social needs, we also pride ourselves in being full partners with their parents and caregivers in the difficult task of raising a child with disabilities. We stay true to the Ginsburg's legacy of integrity, equality and love for all, and are dedicated to helping our students lead independent, meaningful lives.

Ohel Sarah is active all year round in order to provide its hundreds of students with a better quality of life. At the young age of 6, the students enroll at one of Ohel Sarah's four schools, and are provided with a wide range of therapies and educational programs to help them reach their potential and acquire essential life skills. The professional and dedicated staff creates an Individual Learning Plan for each and every student in order to maximize their abilities. Upon graduation at the of 21, the students are transferred to our Employment Centers, where they learn employment skills and are then enrolled in various employment opportunities, both in the centers and in the regular work force. Additionally, from the age of 21, the students can come live in one of Ohel Sarah's 15 group homes in the community, and enjoy the freedom of living independently with the support of our staff, and partake in a wide range of social and recreational activities.

Ohel Sarah is a registered non-profit organization, fully supervised and partially funded by government ministries, including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Welfare. All staff members are highly professional and have the relevant education and degrees, and work together in perfect coordination to ensure the students' optimal progress.

The director of the organization is Mrs. Malka Weinberg, whose resourcefulness and broad-mindedness prompts her to fight for the rights of individuals with disabilities and constantly develop better and more comprehensive services.  

Mrs. Weinberg can be reached at 03-5797116, or at info@ohelsara.org