Ohel Sarah operates a Housing Division for adults with special needs ages 21-80+. Many of our adult students come from foster care or have elderly parents who cannot care for them anymore. Some are orphans and have no family at all. Ohel Sarah's housing division provides them with a loving home for life, and cares for all their physical, emotional and social needs. The adults reside together in small groups of 6 in 15 different group homes in the community, and relish the chance to live an integrated, inclusive life. With the support and monitoring of a professional staff comprised by social workers, nurses, therapists, housemothers/housefathers and counselors, the residents acquire the life skills necessary for independent living. Together, the residents enjoy shopping, cooking and maintaining their home, socialize with their neighbors and participate in daily extracurricular activities, sports, trips and outings.

The group homes are open throughout the year, including on weekends and Holidays, and have completely transformed the lives of the residents. Without Ohel Sarah's loving homes, they would be completely alone, cut off from society, and without proper care for their unique needs.

Shoshi, 54, was born to aging, immigrant parents. With no family and no support, they struggled to raise their daughter, who is cognitively disabled. Shoshi was for the most part kept home, while her parents lacked the strength, knowledge and ability to provide her with the tools to progress.

Shoshi's mother passed away during her late childhood years, and she was left with an ill, vulnerable and elderly father who did not know how to help his daughter.

And then her father passed away, too. Shoshi was now alone in the world, frightened and secluded.

The social worker who received her case immediately took Shoshi to Ohel Sarah with two packed bags that contained all her belongings. Ohel Sarah's director welcomed her warmly, and after an emergency Placement Meeting on the spot, Shoshi was accepted to Ohel Sarah. She was taken directly to one of the group homes which had opened a mere few weeks before, and had one spare bed. In an instant, Shoshi found her home for life!

Shoshi is now enjoying living independently with her friends, and loves to host guests in their home. She has also enrolled at Ohel Sarah's Employment Center, where she packs goods for companies throughout the country.

Shoshi is not alone anymore. Ohel Sarah is her home, her family and her work!

Ohel Sarah's Group Homes:

Independent Living Group Homes for adults with mild to moderate cognitive individuals –
  • Beit Gil
  • Beit Shir
  • Neveh Eyal
  • Beit Chana
  • Beit Esther
  • Beit Miriam
  • Beit Matti
  • Beit Tehillah
  • Beit Renana
  • Beit Hodaya
  • Beit Shirat Hadar
Sheltered Home for adults with severe and complex cognitive disabilities –

Revivim – 4 apartments

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