At the young age of 21, when our students graduate school, they transfer straight to one of our Employment and Day Care Centers. Here, they learn employment skills, receive therapies to maintain and develop skills and enjoy a wide range of enrichment programs and social interaction.

The centers feature a large variety of salaried employment opportunities, such as sorting and packing for various companies across Israel, and creating party favors, Judaica, mosaics and gifts that are sold internationally. Students that are high functioning are integrated into the regular work force, and work in places such as hospitals, kindergartens, stores and communal kitchens, supervised by our staff.

At Ohel Sarah we believe in the right of people with disabilities to enjoy respectable employment and earn a living. Ohel Sarah's employment centers provide over 200 adults ages 21-80+ with various employment opportunities, and enable individuals with disabilities to feel valued and independent.

This year, Ohel Sarah fulfilled a dream: the completion of a state-of-the-art facility which houses an advanced employment center for women with special needs, as well as Ohel Sarah's main office.

Due to the excellent care our students receive from a young age, their life expectancy has significantly increased. To better cater to their needs, Ohel Sarah created the Golden Years Program, in which elderly individuals with disabilities receive age-appropriate employment, therapies and recreational activities.

Rina, 27, has both a slight cognitive disability and a physical disorder. Throughout her childhood, her parents would worry for her future: what will she do with her life? Will she ever hold a job? Live by herself? What will happen to her when we are no longer here to care for her?

After Rina completed her studies, she had nowhere to go. Sitting at home day after day, Rina – who is highly competent and independent – would look out the window and observe the world outside, in which she had no part. Would she always be cut off from society? After two years of inactivity, Rina became depressed. A family friend suggested they take her to Ohel Sarah's Employment Center for women.

From that point onwards, Rina's life changed drastically. At the center, she received employment preparation, after which she was placed in a position at the local hospital.

There are no words to express Rina's happiness and her parents' pride each day as she puts on her nametag and picks up her bag to go out to yet another productive, satisfying day at work. "See you in the afternoon!" she calls out to her parents, "I'm off to work!"

Ohel Sarah's Employment Programs:

Lev Rivka

for women ages 21-80+ with mild to moderate disabilities

15 Tzefat Street, Bnei Brak




for women ages 21-80+ with severe and complex disabilities

15 Tzefat Street, Bnei Brak




for men ages 21-80+ with severe and complex disabilities

31 Norok Street, Bnei Brak