Ohel Sarah operates 4 schools for children ages 6-21 with various cognitive disabilities, sometimes accompanied by physical handicaps and learning and behavior difficulties. The professional and dedicated staff is comprised by experienced educators, therapists, nurses and a consulting staff of psychologists and psychiatrists.

Ohel Sarah's schools serve over 200 children and use a transdisciplinary method which places the child in the center and the staff cooperating in perfect harmony to help him reach his maximum potential. The wide range of therapies and educational programs enable the students to acquire life skills, communication skills and social abilities crucial for independent life after graduation.

The staff develops an Individual Learning Plan for each and every child, which is periodically reevaluated and revised in accordance to his/her progress and advancement.

All schools use the Alternative Augmentative Communication method (AAC), which is s symbol-based communication method developed many years ago by Ohel Sarah's staff.  The method is based on various symbols that represent sounds, letters and words, and helps even the most severely disabled children communicate with their surrounding – a crucial key in their development and wellbeing. This unique method creates an open channel of communication that encourages social interaction, learning and progress and prevents the frustration that comes with not being understood.

In order to provide the best possible care for the children, the school day is long and ends at 6 p.m. For working parents, this is a tremendous help as they can enjoy much-needed family time with the other children at home, who often grow up in the shadow of their special-needs sibling. Throughout the school day, and includes an enrichment program in the afternoon, a hot, nutritious meal and healthy snacks throughout the day.  

When Daniel, 8, was born after many years of yearning, his parents' joy knew no bounds. Their life was finally complete; their world warm and sunny.

Their happiness, however, was soon clouded by a heavy suspicion that something was amiss. After a long and exhausting journey to several specialists, the doctors' unanimous verdict was devastating: Daniel has a cognitive disability, and would never be able to lead a regular life.

Daniels' parents were shattered by the news.

The coming few years were filed with suffering and pain. Despite their many efforts to find a suitable framework for Daniel, they were unable to find the place where he really belonged.

And then they came to Ohel Sarah. In an instant, Daniel found a loving, caring home where he could acquire life skills and learn to be more independent and productive. Ohel Sarah's devoted staff provides Daniel with the education and the therapies he needs to thrive. Daniel can now, against all odds, communicate beautifully with his surroundings, read and write, walk and run.  

As his parents put it: "When Daniel fell through the cracks, Ohel Sarah was there to pick him up!"

Ohel Sarah's Schools:

Beit Chanoch

Elementary school for boys ages 6-14 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities

25 Abuchatzira St. Bnei Brak


Beit Shai

Post-elementary school for boys ages 14-21 with mild to moderate disabilities

25 Abuchatzira St. Bnei Brak



School for girls ages 6-21 with mild to moderate disabilities

6 Petaya St. Bnei Brak


The Wohl Center

School for children ages 6-21 with severe and complex cognitive disabilities

10 HaGalil St. Bnei Brak